Specification 30 HP
HP 25-30 HP
Type 4 Stroke, Direct Injection,Diesel Engine
No.of Cylinders 2
Bore and Stroke 100 x116mm
Displacement 1823 cm3 Air Cleaner Dry Type,dual elementwith dust unloader
Cooling Sysytem Water Cooled withno loss Tank. Oil coolerfor engine oil.
Clutch Single Clutch with Cerametalic Lining280-MM Diameter
No of Gears 6 Forward, 2 Reverse Speeds
PTO 540 r/min
Brakes Heavy Duty Self Engineering, Oil Immersed Disc Brakes, Parking Brakesfor Additional Safety
Hydraulics 2 Lever Live Hydraulic System consisting automatic position & draft with mix control
a)Position Control To hold lower links at any desired height.
b)Automatic Draft Control To maintain Uniform Draft
c) Mix Control for optimum field output
Hydraulic lift pump Gear type hydraulic pump delivers 17 l/min at rated engine speed
Lifting Capacity 1000 kg at lower link ends
O.A.Length 2900 mm
O.A.Width 1092 mm
O.A.Height 1340 mmat steering wheel
Wheel Base 1550 mm
Min.Ground Clearance 220 mm
Weight of Tractor 1495 kg
Wheel Track Front 940-1160 mm(Standard) Rear 835-1265 mm(Standard)