Combine Harvester with AC cabin


Specification TC 5.30
Engine Cummins 6 cylinder 130HP, Turbo Charged.
Engine Dust protection Rotary Air Screen
Cutterbar Width 15 ft.
Reel Speed Reel with Auto*Variator, Speed Adjustment from Platform/Cabin
Threshing Drum Rasp Bar*/ Spike Tooth*, Speed Adjustment with Auto* Variator
Size Drum 1297mm X 600mm
Separation System Rotary Separator + 5 Straw Walkers.
Cleaning system double Cascading Sieve system, Blower Fan with Variator.
Grain Tank Capacity 3000 Liters
Number of Gears 4 Forward + 1 Reverse
Maize Header Maize Master 5 Row Header (Optional)